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  • As of 2004, Dispatches  features over 700 pages, mostly previously published, of Alex Shoumatoff's written work.

May 10, 2004: Dispatch #19: On the Question of Animal AwarenessClick here to read article

Apr 07, 2004: Dispatch #18: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide     Click here to read article

Apr 07, 2004: Dispatches gets a new Song.
See the Music From Many Lands section to hear One Morning Soon.

Feb 22, 2004: Dispatch #17: A Long Weekend in Armenia
Click here to read article

Dec 3, 2003: Dispatch #16: The Gartersnake Dens of Manitoba
Click here to read article

Oct 25, 2003: Dispatch #15: The Decimation of the Amazon Indians
Click here to read article

Sept 2, 2003: Dispatch #14: A Speech Given for Adirondack Voices For Peace at the John Brown Homestead, North Elba, New York, on August 16, 2003      Click here to read article

Dispatch #13: Prairie Dogs and Conservation Easements on the Chihuahua-Arizona Border, June 25th, 2003
Click here to read article

Dispatch #12: Annals of Investigative Golf : 
The Gavea Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro
Click here to read article

Dispatch #11: The Alcoholic Monkeys of St. Kitts
Click here to read articlex

Dispatch #10: A Report for the J.M. Kaplan Fund on the 
Transborder Effort to Create Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of Maine
Click here to read article

Dispatch #9: The World’s Largest Swamp : Brazil’s Pantanal do Mato Grosso Click here to read article.

Dispatch #8: A Report on the Prairie Churches of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Dakota. Click here to read article.

Dispatch #7: A Report on the Philanthropic Possibilities of Cuba.  Commissioned by the JM Kaplan Fund, a foundation devoted to transborder collaborations in architectural preservation and biodiversity conservation.

Dispatch #6: Journal of the Flamingo
Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy in the Galapagos.

Dispatch #5, December 9th: What Have We Done To The Weather?
About the Kyoto Protocol

Dispatch #4, November 30: Postcards from Elizabeth Fisk

Dispatch #3, October 27: Europe's African Art Treasures

Dispatch #2, October 10: A Report on the Wildlife of Eastern Congo
  Part 1: A shortened version for Rolling Stone magazine
  Part 2: The original report for the United Nations Foundation

Dispatch #1, September 27: On Loss
About loss of  species and cultures in the context of loss in general.
  Part 1: A Sylvia Plath Moment at the Charles Hotel
  Part 2: Hellsapoppin about the horrendous events of 9/11

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