Survival Tips
      The best on-the-ground information for the human-rights and security situation in many parts of the world is the UNís IRIN bulletins, which you can get for free by signing up here. I also always contact the State Departmentís desk for whatever the country is Iím going to. 

    In much of the tropical world there is malaria that is resistant to lariam and other prophylactic medication. Last year in the Congo, I was infected with resistant falciparum malaria, which I came down with a week after I got back to the States. I highly recommend, if you are planning to visit an extended stay in the tropics,  taking with you  three fancidar tablets and a cocktail of the antibiotics kotexin and doxycycline.  The minute you get the splitting headache, that means your lariam or other tablets arenít doing any good. Donít ask any questions, just pop three fancidars and a cocktail of the antibiotics kotexin and doxycyline and youíll save yourself a lot of grief, as I did. Instead of nearly dying, as I did in l976, I suffered a night of sweating and high fever, and in the morning I was fine. 

    If I am going into rainforest, I always take a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which cleanses insect bites and reduces the urge to itch, which if you succumb to it can produce jungle ulcers and other infections. 


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