Future Dispatches
I have ten yearsí worth of Dispatches lined upóplaces Iíve been meaning to get to before I die. But I donít want to reveal them, because I want this site to generate a sense of  excitement surprise. Where is this guy going next : Caracas, the Caucasus, or East Secaucus? But if you are a foundation or an individual who would like to commission a Dispatch, or believe in the cause of doing the utmost to stem the tide of extinction and want to support the Dispatches, or are a magazine, a documentary film-maker, or any other person with a serious interest in publishing one or more of the Dispatches, or in coming along on one of my reporting expeditions with a video camera,  please donít hesitate to contact me at AlexShoumatoff@Shoumatopia.Com  
Iíll be contacting many of you myself, as time permits. Donít expect a lot of new action until the end of the year, by which I hope to have finished my book on my wifeís family, to which I am now going to give full concentration to. 

Hang in there, my friends, in these terrible times. 

-- A.S. 9/28/2001


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